Called this guy for a quote, told him I was going to look around for a better deal closer to home. Next morning I was calling him back to see when I could drop off my transmission. He saved me over $200 and put in parts the other guy said were not needed. The Tranzman showed me why they were needed. Best Bang for my hard earned $

Farley C. Girard, IL

Just wanted to say thank you again.

We got the transmission in the same day we brought  it home and man does it run good! Pick up is instant, power and pull are both strong as can be. Shifts are great too...

Jim S. Hazelwood, MO

Transmission wouldn't shift when I got it installed, called him up and he asked me to double check all 3 of the speed sensor connectors. I forgot to plug one in... Thanks Tranzman for the great customer service.

Steve D. Imperial, MO

A year and half after I got the trans rebuilt. I heard a bang, then the transmission would only go forward and bound up in reverse. Turns out the input drum broke into several pieces. Thanks for repairing the transmission for the cost of the parts only!!! Anyone else would have made me pay full price. Thanks for the after the warranty service.

Jim D. East Alton, IL

Ran into a few issues last night. Had to get a few parts to finish the install this morning, But the transmission shifts great. Hauls --- for a change. I think my old trans had been slipping for quite a while. Thanks again for everything.

Chad M. Barnhartt, MO

Another guy built my trans and it lasted 3 days and  he wouldn't even talk to me. Found this guy on Craigslist, now he's built two transmissions for me and 3 for my buddy's. Always look good and work great 

Joe L. Silex, MO